Academy Graduates


Our dog Rocket was hit by a parcel delivery truck due to a lack of off leash recall. We were also unfortunately accustomed to other less desirable behaviors like pulling and barking on leash, rushing through doors, and only doing things on his terms. After a 2 week board and train, Rocket and the humans learned that if we have clear consistent boundaries and expectations, we can all live more comfortably together. Rocket is calmer and we are more relaxed. We cannot thank Julie’s K9 Academy enough for her professional expertise and support.

Rebecca Clark
Rocket's Owner


A few months ago our family adopted Brutus, a 2-yr-old Pitbull. Although lovable and great with people, his dog-to-dog interactions were really scary: fence fighting/barking, snapping and snarling at other dogs on walks, and constantly irritating my Yorkie in the house. He was also super anxious— pacing around the house for hours on end, counter surfing, trash diving, jumping on the furniture, constantly on high alert at the slightest noise. We struggled to teach him any commands, as he would only listen if we had treats. Owning a dog that cannot relax or obey commands is exhausting, and I was beginning to think we had made a terrible mistake in bringing him home until we me Julie. After a two week board and train, Brutus came home a new dog. He still has his happy, playful personality, but know he knows all his basic obedience commands, and his anxiety is gone! He is finally able to relax on command, whether on his place bed in our living room, or holding a downstay on the floor in the midst of a crazy Christmas celebration that was filled with running children, toys all over the floor, and food everywhere. He calmly ignores other dogs on walks, and plays so gently with my Yorkie that they have become best friends. Our home environment is peaceful again, and we owe it all to Julie.

Katrina Reggio
Brutus' Owner


Julie's training of our dog, Marshall, has completely changed our interaction with him for the better! Two weeks ... just two weeks. And he's 5 years old! Marshall (a male, lab mix) was an excitable boy, well known in our circle of friends as a jumper. We have learned from Julie how to better communicate with Marshall. And he appears to respond to us willingly and joyfully. Our leash walks are mutually enjoyable now, greeting visitors is a pleasure, and the concept of 'place' has allowed for stress free (independent) down time for our velcro-dog (who would otherwise opt 24/7 to be at my feet or on my lap!) As we continue to apply Julie's methods to training and teaching Marshall, Julie continues to provide us with pointers and constructive feedback. We are thrilled with the training.

Debbie Williamson
Marshall's Owner


I just sent my lab, Desi for a two week board and train with Julie. Before going, Desi struggled with pulling on walks to the point where my hands would hurt afterward, jumping on all my friends when they walked into my house, and not coming when called. After her training Desi has done a complete 180 and all because of Julie. I just took Desi to Baker Park on a nice day, before this would have been impossible. She had high distractions today: children, dogs, cars, people playing sports, and the whole time Desi was focused, coming when called, lying down and sitting on command and the best part I was able to have her walk around Baker Park without her pulling. She didn't even jump on my friend when she walked into the house to see me and utilized the place command without any problems. I would highly recommend Julie's K9 Academy. She trained Desi and focused her but more importantly she helped me understand how to train Desi and really help me continue her training outside of the board and train environment. It's clear that Julie is knowledgeable and cares about the progress and success of her clients! She really is amazing and changed mine and Desi's life. Go see her!

Sam Denney
Desi's Owner


With a new baby, we needed help training our little dog, Charlie, so he could be safe around the kids and still incorporated into our daily activities. Julie worked really hard and we brought Charlie home to find he was calmer and controllable on walks and at home. We have incorporated "place" into our everyday lives. Charlie seems happy to be with us all the time without having to constantly be corrected to not jump on the kids. Best of all, Aubrey, my five year old, can walk Charlie and he listens to her commands. She is very excited and tells me next she will teach him to jump through a hula hoop.

Katie Parker
Charlie's Owner


We brought our sweet dog, Quinn, to Julie because we wanted him to learn “place.” What we received was so much more than that. Julie taught us the importance of communication with Quinn and has shown us that he is a very intelligent dog! We had no idea what he was capable of learning because WE didn’t know how to properly communicate to him what it was we wanted from him. We’ve been to other trainers in the past- I’ve left frustrated and even in tears once. Julie is patient and understanding not only with dogs, but with their people too. We are grateful for our time with her!

Dawn Jubach
Quinn's Owner


Julie has made life with our dog Roscoe not only bearable but she has made it highly enjoyable! Our dog had been through many different training programs before but he was still whining at other dogs, pulling towards squirrels on walks, jumping on guests and getting up when we asked him to go into a "down-stay". Julie was easy to work with, confident, knowledgeable and helped to train Roscoe into the ideal companion for downtown Frederick. Highly recommend.

Rachel and Kevin Gammell
Roscoe's Owners


Julie’s K9 Academy has been a blessing to our family and our rescue dog, Chuck. Julie helped our dog overcome behaviors that were stressful to our family and unacceptable in our house. She’s extremely knowledgeable and passionate about dog training. She’s flexible with her schedule, affordable, and has always been available to us for questions. I also noticed that she loves training challenges and she will truly love your dog!! I 100% recommend Julie’s K-9 Academy. Such a great experience!!

Lisa Diaz
Chuck's Owner


Julie is the nicest and most patient person you will meet. Julie and Riggins helped my girl find happy dog experiences again. I had a very happy bull terrier who liked to socialize with other dogs. Unfortunately, we had a major run in with a dog we both knew and thought was a friend who attacked her and tried to go after me out of no where. Well little did I know this would trigger a response in my girl that would lead to her never being able to be around other dogs without her trying to strike first. I thought that I was doomed never to be able to walk her by myself again or be around other dogs. However, Julie had a drive to have make a positive experience for both our dogs. After repeated times my girl was able to live in harmony and she even started to be fine with other dogs again. It was a day I never thought I would see again. If you think it’s too late it’s not.

Laura Hughes
Zoey's Owner


Julie has been so amazing to work with! When we first rescued Conor, he was suffering from major anxiety and we could barely leave him alone. After just a few sessions with Julie, he is a happy and confident dog. She has helped us teach him simple commands that have helped raise his confidence and brought us closer with our dog. She is always there to answer any questions that we have and has never pushed us to do anything that we weren’t comfortable with. She has given us all the steps to continue to help Conor be the dog we always knew he could be! I would recommend Julie to every dog owner I know! It’s never too late to help your dog and make your life so much easier!

Brittany Carpenter
Conor's Owner


Julie has completely transformed my little Hugo and in turn, changed our lives. Hugo was a fearful, neurotic mess before we met Julie. You would think walks with a 19lb Cairn terrier would be a piece of cake, but the opposite was true in our case. He pulled to the point of choking himself and often almost pulled me to the ground. Walking near or around other dogs was near impossible and beyond embarrassing. Hugo had completely unmanageable leash aggression that left me tense, tired and, to be honest, unwilling to go on long walks with him. Then came Julie. She is gentle, kind, endlessly knowledgeable, the patience of a saint, and is completely empathetic to the plight of a hopeless dog owner. Hugo now takes walks with “loose leash” and his outbursts towards other dogs and triggers are almost non-existent. He has a few other fears(the vacuum, blender and skateboards) that we are still actively working on, but with consistency and the tools Julie gave us, I’m confident these are things we can overcome and have a relaxed and happy companion. If you think it’s too late for you, our little Hugo is 8 years old and his behavior has improved leaps and bounds. Julie’s commitment, compassion and dedication to helping owners and their pets sets her apart from everyone else. She has been such a gift to our little family and we truly can’t thank her enough!

Colleen Morin
Hugo's Owner


Julie was such a great help with our dog Jake. Jake is a 7 year old rescued pup, 15 pounds of frantic excitement. He’s a West Highland Terrier and was never really trained, especially on a leash. He pulled, zigzagged erratically along the sidewalk, sniffing everywhere and marking everything. He’s very friendly and dog submissive, so I never worried about him being aggressive with children or other dogs. I did, however, worry about him tripping me and others with his uncontrolled excitement. I had been using a harness during walks since he constantly choked from pulling on the flat buckle collar. But the harness just encouraged him to pull harder. He was definitely out of control and I really disliked walking him. Julie “borrowed” him one afternoon and immediately figured out how to solve our problem. With the correct training collar and a simple, easy to follow lesson plan from Julie, I can now successfully walk Jake down the busy sidewalk. People, cars, other dogs, all previously dreaded distractions are now easily dealt with. He stays right by my side, with his wagging tail straight up in the air, a happy and cheery fellow. Thank you Julie, for teaching both Jake and me how enjoyable it is to walk around downtown Frederick with your dog. Highly recommended!

Kerry Cummings
Jake's Owner


You can try to do the research about all the quick fixes, coddle your dog, blame the breed for bad behavior and give up and just feel held hostage by your anxious little trouble-maker of a dog. Or, you can hire a professional for some real results.

For years I just figured Fox was just anxious because he’s a rescue and I’m the third owner and engineered walks so that all interactions with other dogs and people were minimized. I’d turn the other way if someone was coming or start jogging if another dog was in earshot.

Julie took Fox for a private lesson last week and was able to have him heel on walks in one brief session. After practicing her methods, Fox has now maintained composure and resisted pulling the leash on walks. Last night Julie took him on a walk along the main streets downtown and he was reportedly so quiet she had to look down to make sure he was still there.

I’m very impressed with the work done so far and it makes me so much less anxious not having to apologize for my dog’s bad behavior all the time. The next thing we’re going to work on is place command and if it’s anything like the last two lessons, it’ll be a breeze. Thank you, Julie!

Mike Muszynski
Fox's Owner


Julie changed our lives — that's not an exaggeration. Our dog, Scout, is a rescue and is the most excited dog in the world (to us). She's also the best, but we had major issues with leash reactivity as she would go nuts over other dogs she saw on the street. She also pulled so much! It made walks unpleasant, for everyone. After speaking with Julie, we learned more about what the issues were, where they came from, and how to address them with Scout. We came up with a plan and it's been revolutionary. Scout is still nuts (in the best way), but our walks are now controlled, productive and totally enjoyable! Julie is knowledgable, compassionate, and wonderful to work with. We have plans to send Scout to MD for a Board and Train asap!

Jessica Griffiths
Scout's Owner


We came to Julie looking for help with leash behavior; our dog, Indy, seemed to want to behave on walks, but we could never seem to communicate to him what "behaving" really meant. Julie worked with Indy and then with us to help bridge that communications gap, and we couldn't be happier with the results! We've gone from risking actual injury when walking an overexcitable dog (and therefore skipping walks more frequently than anyone, dog or human, would have preferred) to pleasant, structured walks. We'd worked with other trainers in the past who got us 75% of the way there, and then just chalked that last 25% up to individual dog personality & excitability... Julie was the first person we worked with who really listened to the WHOLE story, understood why fixing that last 25% was crucial to a happy, healthy dog, and gave us the tools and human training we needed to start to get there. My only complaint is that we didn't reach out for help sooner!!

Kerry McHugh
Indy's Owner


At the risk of sounding cliché, Julie has truly changed our lives. Within a few weeks of rescuing Hannibal, I was questioning my decision. Hannibal was completely out of our control. He jumped on furniture and people (at 90lbs), barked at us whenever he disagreed with us, dragged us on walks, and lashed out in a horrifying rage at any dog he saw on walks. I came home from several walks in literal tears because I was afraid of what I saw and depressed at the idea of spending the next 10+ years being bullied by my dog. We sought out help, but weekly training classes were not cutting it; he was learning obedience skills but not stopping any of the awful behavior. Hannibal even started spitting out his reward treats in defiance. Hannibal has been home for 3 weeks from his board and train with Julie. He is like a different dog. The same goober personality I fell in love with is there, but now he is consistently obedient and calm on command. I have a dog I can let off-leash for fun and actually take into public; the companion I originally sought out.

Hannibal was aptly labeled a “diamond in the ruff” at the shelter due to his behavior. Julie polished him, but more importantly, she taught us the skills to keep him shining beautifully.

Ashley Chubb
Hannibal's Owner


I know I've said this to you time and again in the two years since adopting my precious Leo, but I just want you to know I am ever grateful for all of the knowledge you have imparted about raising him and training him. I am particularly grateful for your kind and gentle responses in my "emergencies" with all the reminders I need to stay calm in the same way I want him to be calm. Thank you for hanging in there with me as I adjusted to the use of the e collar. That has been hard as I am sure it is for many, but has also brought me peace of mind in so many situations. Thank you also for supporting me in that ultimate goal to not have to use it-a goal that I have begun testing with great success. It really does all make sense when I can see such great results. We have truly grown together and now I take a calm, bright, happy dog to my office every day. His joy is as evident as mine. I am ever grateful for you and your never ending quest for knowledge that helps us all. Best wishes for a bright future in your new place where you can dedicate yourself to your passion and help us all.

Tracey Elizalde
Leo's Owner


We bought a puppy for our daughters at Christmas, and by July, he was a wiggly waggly ball of energy. We knew that we needed to invest in some training, and this coincided perfectly within the span of time that Julie began her official dog training journey. Our boy is sweet and full of energy, so much so that taking him on a walk was virtually impossible. He would pull so hard, and lunge so suddenly at things, that it made walking him a potentially hazardous chore. After his first session with Julie, we saw remarkable change. She introduced us to the concept of communicating with our dog via simple direct commands and use of his collar. Through establishing boundaries with him, training has made our relationship with our pup so much easier to navigate. We practiced many structured walks, with Julie's continued instruction and support. He is now a champ, and totally fun to take downtown, to the parks, and anywhere in between. In addition to learning how to walk together, we needed some help with his behavior at home. Julie introduced us to the "place" bed, and the concept of giving Pawley some zen time during which he can relax without being overstimulated. When company comes, or during dinner, or any time during the day that being underfoot is not ideal, we issue the command "place" and Pawley goes to his place bed and stays until we release him. This has made for a much more peaceful and enjoyable dinnertime for our family. He is able to be in the dining room with us, without jumping into our laps (or otherwise showing his unbridled enthusiasm for food and attention) while we are trying to eat. Through Julie's patience, careful instruction, and clear goal setting, he is now a model dog-citizen and we can't thank her enough for working with our sweet Pawley. We are able to enjoy having him so much more now that we've learned how to communicate gently yet authoritatively with our dog.

Pierce Scantlin
Pawley's Owner


We brought our mini schnauzer Charlie to Julie’s K9 Academy for private lessons and it was the best thing we have ever decided to do. Not only did Charlie learn but Julie took time to talk to us before and after each lesson to address any issues and give us advice on how we can work on changing behaviors on our own. Charlie was so excited he couldn’t control himself. He would pull on the leash and bark at other people and pets that we would see out on our walks. Taking him places became an such a burden and caused us so much anxiety. We took him to the vet and had to wait outside the building until his room was ready because he would cause such a scene! She taught us to start off any outting with Charlie in a calm mind set because once he is too excited he wouldn’t be able to listen to us. He has to sit at the door and wait for permission from us to start our walk. She taught us how to use a prong collar to guide Charlie in walking next to us rather than pulling us and how to hold his attention and keep him focused so that other people and dogs became less of a distraction. We just took him to the vet for his yearly vaccines after spending time with Julie and it was such a rewarding experience. Charlie sat on the floor next to us and didn’t make a sound even with other ppl bringing their pets in. Even the vet said “Wow, what did you guys do? It’s like a whole new dog?” We we’re so proud of him and so thankful for Julie! None of this would have been possible with out her patience and knowledge! It was such a lifestyle improvement and we plan to continue our training with Julie and working with Charlie at home.

Courtney Farnsworth
Charlie's Owner


I am so glad to have found Julie! In a short amount of time, Julie has given us amazing guidance and great tools to help us conquer some issues we were having with our 2 year old Cockapoo, Toby. Toby used to pull constantly on walks and sniff and mark everything. He would also go a little crazy whenever we would encounter another dog. With Julie's help and a great new collar, we can now enjoy our walks, with no pulling or sniffing/marking and most importantly no crazy behavior at the sight of another dog! It is really amazing!! He is now calm when I run the vacuum after properly learning the "place" command. He comes when he is called, and we no longer have a wild barker at our backyard fence when our neighbor's dog is out playing. We are enjoying the peace we have found with Julie's help! She is so knowledgeable and has great solutions for all the of the issues we needed help with. We have never received such good advice and guidance specific to our dogs needs in prior training experiences, as we have with Julie!

Missy Truffer
Toby's Owner


My dog was kind of ruining my life until recently when Julie came over for 2 in-home training sessions. Now he is well on his way to being a good dog!!! He was always good for just me, but I couldn't take him anywhere or have anyone over without having to apologize for him constantly. It turns out I was doing a lot of things wrong and needed some tips. With the home visits, Julie taught me how to use some really good training tools and the dog caught on immediately. She really has a way with dogs that makes them listen to her. If you have a dog that jumps, is crazy on walks, barks at everything, is aggressive, nuts, or doesn't listen, etc. then I would HIGHLY recommend julie. Now, my dog knows "place" "heel", doesn't jump or scratch people, and is much more enjoyable to be around.

I can't thank you enough, Julie. This was life changing and the home training is 100000% worth it!

Sarah Collins
Cody's Owner


We scheduled 3 house visits for Julie to help us with our dog Charley, who was protective and aggressive when strangers entered our home. Before Julie, Charley would lunge, growl, and bark at anyone who entered our home - even people he met previously! He had already attended a two-week bootcamp with a different company, but when we got him home we didn't notice any difference at all. To be honest, Julie had to train us more than the dog. After one session with Julie he was a different dog! We introduced more structured rules in our home with Charley like using the place bed, training collar, and a crate. He is now able to stay quietly on his place bed when visitors come over, and we can relax without the fear of him lunging at our guests. If dog owners are willing to put in the work under Julie's guidance, and practice practice practice her methods, I believe ANY dog will see results! We've seen it first hand!

Dylan and Randi Shores
Charley's Owners


We are truly amazed at the hard work that Julie & Josh put in to train Oliver. Oliver is an extremely stubborn 9 month old Miniature Goldendoodle, with a lot of personality and selective hearing. Julie & Josh were able to to break through & teach him basic commands, obedience, as well as teach us how to be strong owners. While he was boarded, videos were posted to keep us updated on his progress. It was very encouraging and exciting to see the transformation. We would have never dared to bring Oliver to outside events, but now he is able to go to breweries, restaurants, & off leash hiking. Julie’s K9 Academy changed our lives and helped us build a solid relationship with Ollie. With Julie & Josh’s patience and understanding, we were able to communicate comfortably all the issues we were experiencing. These included pulling on the leash, not listening to basic commands, eating non edible items, jumping on people, & biting. They were able to meet all of these needs & keep Oliver’s personality intact. We highly recommend Julie’s K9 Academy for basic training sessions, and think highly of the board & train. We cannot thank them enough for all their hard work!!

Kelly Fraser
Oliver's Owner


Julie and Josh are the best! We sent our pointer mix puppy there for a board and train. He was a sweet guy but had no self control and was very stubborn with us. We held off on training a little bit because we thought he might lose some of his sweetness. He hasn’t lost any of his sweetness, in fact he might be even more sweet than before training. He’s very well behaved and we can finally bring him places out and about and he’s under control. Julie and Josh don’t just hand you the dog back and wish you good luck. He has tested us since he got home to see what he can get away with and Julie and Josh are always there to answer our questions as the training continues. They give you about three months worth of training so you can continue training your dog. We also leave Henry for her daycare twice a week and he loves it. He can’t wait to go there and spend the day with his friends. I can’t suggest Julie’s K9 Academy more than I already do.

Dylan and Randi Shores
Henry's Owner


Riva was an absolute wild child but she had such a big heart. She just couldn’t contain her excitement at times and it made her uncontrollable. After Julie and josh had her for two weeks she came back completely turned around. Still the fun and excited puppy she was but with sharp guidance and obedience. I can take her absolutely anywhere now and get so many compliments on how well behaved she now is. I’d recommend anybody and everybody with a dog to come here and see the difference.

John Plaine
Riva's Owner


Julie and Josh have been a true blessing training our Giant Schnauzer Sidon. The place command is awesome! He politely walks with us and comes when called. I was lost before Julie and Josh stepped in! I highly recommend Julie's K-9 Academy!!!

Dawn Rodgers
Sidon's Owner


My dog Ginger just finished training with Julie and Josh and we just feel so blessed to have found them. Ginger is almost 8 and a bit set in her ways, they were so patient with her. I can't wait to continue using all the awesome tips and skills we've learn so Ginger and I can go on awesome adventures together. I highly recommend Julie’s K9 Academy.

Amy Pelfrey
Ginger's Owner


We cannot say enough good things about Julie and her board and train!!!! Our dog, Dora, is an 8 year old catahoula mix that we adopted from a rescue 2 years ago. We don’t know anything about her past but Dora’s never been a bad dog but she was just stubborn, a counter surfer, triggered by other animals on walks, inconsistent following commands and wasn’t properly socialized with other dogs. But even more importantly we needed to give her the tools to successfully handle a newborn baby in the house and a cross country move (3 days of driving with a 6 week old newborn) to Colorado. Plus we wanted to be able to trust her off leash hiking. After the board and train with Julie, Dora has been a dream. We can trust walking her with the stroller, the duration of the place command has been invaluable with all packing/unpacking for the move and tummy time for the baby. Plus she met my cousin’s dog without any issue. She still has moments but with the training from Julie we now have the tools we need to handle all the changes and stresses of life with the best dog possible . We definitely recommend it, I have already referred my coworker for her two pups!

Diana Ruane
Dora's Owner

Cody and Jack

just want to say that I am so glad I came across Julie on Instagram! When I came across her profile, we were struggling with our two dogs, one of whom is permanently disabled due to an accident - Jack, and the other who was then very protective of his injured brother - Cody. Cody had already had training previously, so we just needed help reminding him what his commands really meant (and let's be honest, my husband and I needed some retraining ourselves). At that time, we couldn't walk the two dogs together without Cody lunging at other dogs that came too close to Jack and we hated having people over. The dogs would constantly bark and we had to be very careful as to how close people got to Jack in case Cody felt threatened. We were also going through the process to become foster parents and wanted to make sure our dogs had very clear boundaries and would be safe with children and countless people coming in and out of our house. We had Julie come out and provide training sessions in our home. This was a game changer! It gave me the confidence to know what to do in our environment, especially on walks, and we were able to use our neighbor's dog in the training as a real life scenario. I really believe this was key for our pups! Those three sessions over several months changed our lives! Our pups now stay in the 'place' command and have their safe space when people are in our home. We have people in and out of our home regularly and the dogs are extremely calm and I can now walk both dogs together, while pushing a stroller. We can even have food delivered without a peep out of the dogs when the doorbell rings. Now, don't be fooled, while Julie gave us some awesome tools and she worked wonders on our dogs, and us, it was really up to us to continue to do the work. I know it sounds daunting, but when you're given tools that make your life significantly less stressful on a daily basis, I promise, you will want to use the tools given all the time. After a while, it becomes second nature. So, if you're dedicated to changing your dog's behavior for the best, I HIGHLY recommend Julie! Not only is she a phenomenal dog trainer who will provide you with useful tools, she's an all around wonderful person to work with!

Erika Rice
Cody's and Jack's Owner


We took our 1 year old lab mix, Duck, to Julie. He was leash aggressive, and destructive at home. Julie's approach to get to know the dog and his family was refreshing. She asked good questions about where we were having issues and met us and our dog where we were. The 2 week train and board was worth its weight in gold. It gave Duck a chance to reset, with a new set of rules and it also gave us a chance to reset as well. It was really helpful to have the go home session with Julie and even better than our 2 kids were invited as they are part of the family. Julie will help you get your dog where you need them to be, but you have to be ready to carry over the new learned skills at home for long term success. We've been working with Duck since we've been home and he will even listen to the 5 year old who learned the commands at the go home session. Thank you Julie! A Julie trained dog, is a happy dog and a happy home.

Katie Stout
Duck's Owner


Julie is sooo knowledable and patient! She has such a calm personality that transfers to those of us that she trains (both dog and owner). After our first session, our house was peaceful and our dog knew her role in the family. Julie is worth every penny, and is super responsive if you have questions. I consider it an investment, and one that does take practice with our dog- but the returns are huge!!! Thanks Julie!! - Katie Silver Murphy Honestly, I really do recommend them. Every time someone comes to me talking about their dog and training problems, I suggest them. Murphy hasn't even been there the whole two weeks and I've seen remarkable improvement. I love the constant updates and the verbal guide on what they're doing, how they doing it, and why. They connect with their clients and are incredibly kind, patient, understanding, and knowledgeable. If you're looking for an excellent trainer for your dog, Julie's K9 Academy is the place for you.

John Bryan
Bailey's Owner


Julie and Josh are amazing!! We sent our 5 year old lab/mastiff mix for a board and train due to some issues with resource guarding and general challenges with obedience. To say it's been life changing is an understatement! We're now able to have friends over without having to worry about what the dog is going to do or how he's going to react. He can walk on-leash without freaking out, and we're confident that he'll listen to us if he does get out of the yard! We're looking forward to sending Ted back for boarding when we go out of town, even though it's almost an hour's worth the trip!

Benjamin Hunter
Teddy's Owner


I sent my dog to Julie & Josh for a 2 week board and train and she ended up needing to stay 3 weeks. My dog is the sweetest girl BUT she was super reactive and had tons of anxiety. During thunderstorms or fireworks, she would tear down my blinds trying to get out of the closed window and even bit me one time because I was holding her collar when a firework went off. Casey has been home for 2 days and I literally want to cry because the change in her is nothing short of remarkable! My house is so much more manageable and last night during a thunderstorm, Casey was able to relax in her crate with very minimal reactivity (only took 1 correction). I tried everything - anxiety medication, noise aversion medication, essential oils, thundershirts - and they only thing that has worked is Julie and Josh changing her overall state of mind. I really can't express how thankful I am to them and highly recommend them!

Liz Brunner
Casey's Owner


Julie's K9 Academy has helped achieve peace in our home, on walks, and out in public. Instead of wanting to not be around our dog ( I know, it sounds awful ) we can't wait to get home from work or school and take him wherever we go. Not knowing how to channel or calm his energy was exhausting, and even our young kids say "Whatever you paid for this is worth it! This is like an early Christmas gift" It's like they did a reset on our Odin; he's so well-behaved, thrives off of our direction, and is so much more affectionate than we ever realized. I now recommend balanced training to everyone I know with pets-- especially when I see a dog yanking their owner or annoying their guests- it doesn't have to be this way! Some added benefits of the training I didn't expect -- my dog now potties in 20 degree weather QUICKLY because I can remind him to stop sniffing around or wanting to dig or play, and refocus his energy to doing his business; being able to remind him to stay calm when small kids are around him and petting him by using a low setting on the e-collar as a reminder to not go crazy -- mind you this is a level I cannot even feel on my hand that he responds to; getting him to heel in the home to me instead of running around. Do yourself a favor and get the training sooner than later.

Kayla Senf
Odin's Owner


I spent a week at Julie’s K9 Academy as a shadow student. I saw everything....from how the kennel room is set up, and how they work through stubbornness in the dogs, to how they structure the dog’s day and how they teach the owners at go-home sessions. The dogs in their care are very well taken care of and trained! Each dog is given focus and time. They are skilled at trouble shooting every issue the dogs throw at them. Highly highly recommend Julie’s for your dog! You will love the results, and your dog will live it’s very best life with their training structure!

Becca Wood
Shadow Student


I highly recommend Julie and Josh. I have a 4 year Parsons Russell Terrier. She was very high energy and very anxious. Walks were awful she would pull want to see everyone and then she would try and attack passing cars. She was the same on car rides, She would try and get the cars. After a 2 week board and train she is home and doing wonderful. The go home process is so nice. We talk and they spend time teaching us all the commands. Plus while they have your dog they post a lot of videos so you can watch them. Currently today she walked without a leash in heel and did work in our court without leash. And she just got home the week before Thanksgiving.

Carol Merritt Lewis
Oakley's Owner


I could not be happier with the changes I see in my dog! We brought Brody in for a two week board and train to help work on his behavior issues; during a recent trip he ran right out the front door and ended up in the middle of a highway! He would also lay flat at the sight of another dog and refuse to move. After we brought Brody home he was a new dog....he now walks with me off leash around the neighborhood and completely ignores all of the barking dogs we walk right past! He stays on place when company comes over instead of jumping all over them. Brody is so well behaved he recently spent almost the entire weekend outdoors in a yard without a fence and was able to ignore the neighbor's dog and cat and stay right by my side with just a few commands. This is the best decision in dog training I have ever made, I wish I knew about this place 5 years ago when I first adopted Brody! He enjoys so much more freedom now that he understands what I am asking him to do. I no longer worry about whether I will be able to safely bring him with me when we travel.

Erin and Steve Severe
Brody's Owner


We recently sent our 8 month old German Shepherd to Julie and Josh for boarding and training. They were (and are) excellent at communicating with us about Leo, especially through posting pictures/videos of him! Something I loved since I had never left him for more than a day or two. Leo is a much calmer dog now, no longer always pacing the house/on high alert during walks, feeling like he has to protect us from everything and anything. He has always been a sweetheart, but his strength and drive made for some challenging walks and restless days around the house. Julie and Josh taught Leo “Heel” and “Place” and it’s made for a big shift in our household. If/when we need any further training/training assistance with Leo we will be contacting Julie and Josh!

Aimee Smith and Jeff Pernitz
Leo's Owner


I can't recommend Julie enough! She has provided the perfect direction to start my young lab on the right track. Everywhere I take my dog people are amazed at how well behaved he is, especially for a puppy. The methods that Julie and Josh use truly work and I am so happy that I contacted them. My dog also recently spent a weekend boarding at the Academy and was 100% confident that my dog was well cared for and safe. Thank you and congratulations on launching such a great business!

Jessica Jennings
Kobe's Owner


Julie & Josh are simply amazing! We sent our 4.5 year old German Shepherd for the two week board and train. We gave them our top three concerns which were rushing the door when guests arrived, bullying during play time, and off leash recall. Freddie is now a much calmer dog, initiates friendly play, and listens to us immediately! He’s also mastered the heel position on long walks which is a treat too! It was tough to send him off for 2 weeks, but Julie kept in contact with me throughout the training and also posted tons of videos on social fun to watch! I highly recommend their training program and would do it again in a heartbeat!

Maria and Nick Drader
Freddie's Owner

Bruce & Sierra

Julie trained my 10 month old Dutch Shepherd (Sierra) and 5 year old French Bulldog (Bruce). She helped to improve Sierra's impulse control, jumping on people and pulling on her leash! The place command has allowed me to take her to social gatherings and be confident she won't run off or jump on anyone. Bruce struggled significantly with aggressive behavior. Julie and Josh helped him with food agression and obeying the place command. The e-collar is a great tool and Julie was great at teaching us how to use it. I would recommend Julie's Training to every dog owner. She took great care of my dogs and even downloaded WhatsApp so we could communicate while I was out of the country.

Holly Burkhardt
Bruce's & Sierra's Owner